Hannah van Zanten receives Veni-grant

Published on
July 17, 2018

Hannah received the NWO Talent Scheme grant to further develop her research on the role of animals in a circular food system.

She applied with The role of animals in a circular food system:
Livestock are increasingly fed with products that humans can also eat, resulting in competition between feed and food production for natural resources. This research evaluates how this competition can be avoided, by rearing animals in a circular food system, and provides pathways for sustainable production and consumption of animal-sourced food.

The Veni is awarded by NWO every year. A total of 1,115 researchers submitted an admissible research proposal for funding up to 250.000 euros. 154 of these have now been granted, of which nine from Wageningen University and Research. That comes down to an award rate of 14%. The submissions were assessed by means of peer review by external experts from the disciplines concerned. Read more on the Veni website