Experts explain the five principles to make aquaculture circular during Aquaculture Europe 2022

Published on
October 10, 2022

At Aquaculture Europe 2022 Geert Wiegertjes explained the 5 main principles of a Circular Bioeconomy as outlined for terrestrial animals by Imke de Boer of the Animal Production Systems group of Wageningen University & Research during the key note session on The Move towards Circularity AE2022. The panel members Brian Thompsen, Kaushik Roy and Maria Garcia Portela shared their views on circularity in aquaculture while session moderators Joao Saraiva, Gesche Krause and Roberto Pastres summarized scientific progress on some key parameters, including fish welfare. The Wageningen approach to circularity in aquaculture was highlighted by explaining our aim to work on sustainable food systems at Wageningen Aquaculture Research & Education, or W-ARE.

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Below an impression of the EAS (spot at least Killian Chary, Fotini Kokou and Geert Wiegertjes )

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