Senior scientists

On this page information on all senior scientists involved in INSECT DOCTORS is currently being published.

Wageningen University

Monique van Oers

Professor of Virology, Expert in insect virology and biotechnological applications thereof.

Oers, Monique van.jpg

Molecular perspectives of insect virus/ host interactions

Project Coordinator, and PhD supervisor

Vera Ros

Expert in insect virology and biocontrol

Vera Ros.jpg

Covert virus infection in reared insects

PhD supervisor

Sander Koenraadt

Expert on mosquitoes

Sander Koenraadt.jpg

Mosquito microbiome and host fitness

PhD supervisor

Joop van Loon

Professor of Entomology

foto Joop door Hans Smid.jpg

Rearing crickets and caterpillars

PhD supervisor

University of Copenhagen

Jørgen Eilenberg

Professor of Entomology

Eilenberg, Jorgen.jpg

Fungal infections in insects

Training and Graduation Coordinator till the end of 2022

Annette Bruun Jensen

Expert on fungal infections

Bruun Jensen Annette.jpg

Interactions between various pathogens

Worckpackage leader (WP1)

Henrik Hjarvard de Fine Licht

Expert on fungal infections


Fungal infections and host evolution

PhD supervisor

Nicolai Vitt Meyling

Expert on fungal infections

nvm v2.jpg

Fungal infections

PhD supervisor, Training and Graduation Coordinator from 2023

Jean-Michel Drezen

Professor of Virology

Drezen, Jean Michel.jpg

Polydnavirus and nudivirus biology

PhD supervisor

Anne Bezier

Expert on Next Generation Sequencing

Viral genome analysis

University of Valencia

Salva Herrero

Expert on insect viruses and bacteria

Herrero, Salva.jpg

Covert infections, virus discovery and diagnostics.

Workpackage leader (WP2), PhD superviror

Joel Gonzalez-Cabrera

Expert on insecticide resistance and diagnostics 

image Joel.jpg

Development of diagnostics tools

PhD supervisor

National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Christina Nielsen -Leroux

Expert on interactions between insects and bacteria

Christina Nielsen-LeRoux

Bacterial virulence, gut microbiota, insect fitness

Workpackage leader (WP3), PhD supervisor

Vincent Sanchis

Expert on interactions between insects and bacteria

Scanchis, Vincent.jpg

Microbiota and host resistance

PhD supervisor

University of Exeter

Bryony Williams

Expert on Microsporidia

Williams, Bryony.jpg

Influence of popualtion density on mirosporidia virulence

PhD supervisor

Ben Raymond

Expert on insect ecology and evolution


Microbiota and host fitness

PhD supervisor

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Helen Hesketh

Expert on fungal and viral diseases in insects

Hesketh, Helen.jpg

Modelling of the impact of biotic and abiotic stress

Dissemination Coordinator, PhD supervisor

Julius Kühn Institute

Joerg Wennmann

Expert on genomics and biological control

Wennmann, Joerg.jpg

Bioinformatics and development of diagnostic tools

PhD supervisor

Regina Kleespies

Expert on pathogen morphology, cyto-and histopathology

Portrait Kleespies.jpg

Microscopical analysis of arthropod viruses, bacteria, microsporidia, and fungi

University of Leeds

Steve Sait

Expert in population ecology

Sait, Steve.jpg

Effect of biotic and abiotic stress on reared insects

PhD supervisor

Alison Dunn

Expert on Ecology

Alison Dunn.jpg

Imoact of biotic and abiotic stress on host fitness

PhD supervisor

Université de Tours

Elisabeth Huguet

Professor of Virology

IMG_8723 - Version 2.jpg
Parasitoid -polydnavirus - host interactions

Technical University of Darmstadt

Johannes Jehle

Expert on baculoviruses

Biological control of insects

Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture

Adly Abd-Alla

Professor of Virology

Abd-Alla Adly.jpg

Tsetse fly viruses and sterile insect techniques

PhD supervisor

Koppert BV

Tom Groot

Groot, Tom.jpg

Rearing insects for biocontrol

Secondment provider

YNSECT (formerly Protifarm)

Niek Steeghs

Steeghs, Niek.jpg

Rearing insects for Food and Feed

Secondment Provider


Thomas Lefebvre

Levebvre, Thomas.jpg
Secondment provider

Entec Nutrition Ltd.

Olivia Champion

Champion, Olivia.jpg
Rearing Insects for Food and Feed

Rick Titball

Titball, Rick.jpg