Committee on Nutrient Management Policy

The manure policy in the Netherlands aims to reduce emissions of nutrients to water and air. The rules in the fertiliser act have to updated on a regular basis if there are changes in policy or agricultural systems.  

The Scientific Committee on Nutrient Management Policy (CDM) was established to advise and give recommendations to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture on issues dealing with the manure and ammonia policies.

The topics include:

  • application standards for nitrogen and phosphorus,
  • fertilizer recommendations for nitrogen,
  • nitrogen and phosphorus excretion by livestock,
  • gaseous losses from housing and manure storage,
  • method to calculate ammonia emission from agriculture in the Netherlands,
  • agricultural and environmental assessment of products to be used as fertilizer,
  • assessment of products to be used for co-digestion,
  • scientific underpinning of derogation request for Nitrates Directive,
  • scientific review of reports and rearch

The advices and reports are public.