Successful implementation of green urban development (SIGS)

Successful Implementation of Green Urban Development (Dutch acronym: SIGS) is a project committed to improving the implementation of functional vegetation in urban development and expansion projects. Its goal is to provide urban professionals with the knowledge needed to enhance the integration of vegetation in urban development processes.

The project is an initiative of Stadswerk (an association of municipalities, organisations and professionals involved in the physical living environment), in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and Stichting De Groene Stad (The Green City Foundation).


In the project, we collaborate with 11 (medium) large municipalities in several regions of the Netherlands that pioneer in integrating vegetation in their urban development plans. These municipalities contribute practical expertise and experience and serve as a location for several pilots within which concepts and expertise are developed. Staatsbosbeheer (National Forest Management) is involved through their Green Metropolis programme. Furthermore, networking organisations aimed at sustainable urbanisation, urban vegetation and two architectural bureaus are linked to the project, with which opportunities and bottlenecks for functional vegetation can be explored.


The project aims for the following: