Accelerating nature-inclusive urban development

In the last decade, the necessity for nature-inclusive urban design has increased within the world of private and public urban development worldwide.

One way to achieve nature-inclusive urban environments is through the integration of nature-based solutions (NBS) in urban development. NBS are considered important tools in future-proofing urban environments due to their acknowledged multitude of benefits, contributing to e.g. climate adaptation, biodiversity, mental and physical human health.

Nevertheless, nature-inclusive urban development has not yet become mainstream in urban (re)development and the design of public space. However, for example in the Netherlands, both the urgent need for almost one million more houses in the next ten years and the retrofitting challenges in existing urban environments create momentum to accelerate the implementation of NBS in urban (re)development as nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive practices. Within this project, we, therefore, aim to support professionals in urban development to translate an integral, long-term vision for a nature-inclusive city in the future into tangible steps in the short and middle term (10-25 yrs). This demands an integral approach using long-term systemic thinking.

This project consists of several components. We collect best practices of nature-inclusive urban development from scientific literature and practice, analyse which aspects accelerate or hinder these processes and search for the knowledge gaps. Furthermore, we will collect the work on this topic within Wageningen University & Research in order to increase its accessibility to a wider public.