CiFoS - Wander partnership

The CiFoS model is a big and complex model that requires coding and modelling skills to use it. Our collaboration with Wander enables us to translate the complexity of the CiFoS model into a tool that can easilly be utilised by everyone. Wander is a WUR-wide hub that develops 3D visualisations and experiences to apply science and reach a broader public.

We aim to create a dashboard that allows to easily change diverse modelling parameters and inmediatly visualize the consequences that such changes will have for the food system. How our food systems will look like under different dietary scenarios (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, meat) while respecting the planetary boundaries? Various projections can be visualised with the tool and users can see how different outcomes (e.g. the types and amount of crops and animals, the amount of fertilisers) will change under different food systems' reconfigurations.

wander logo.png